The 98th anniversary of the founding of the CPC


The 98th anniversary of the founding of the CPC
The propaganda committee member of the party committee led the new party members to take the oath

Comrade Li Hongxu, member of the organization committee of the party committee, read out the list of regularized personnel who joined the party and the list of active party members
Comrade Wang Ziyao, a new party member, expressed his position on behalf of the new party members
On behalf of the old party members, Comrade Wang Zhihai, member of the party committee, put forward some suggestions and requirements for the new party members and explained the history of the development of our party
Comrade Huang Zhonghe, secretary of the party committee, made a concluding speech at the meeting and put forward new hopes for all party members: Always set standards for themselves as party members. Strengthen faith, maintain faith, political consciousness continues to improve, plus work responsibility, the pursuit of positive energy!