Tangjia Limestone Mine Plant

The ten-mile mine is rich in natural resources, and you will find it easily. The mining industry is highly developed by the Group, and becomes pillar industry. The mining industry development covers the mineral species of ore mining, gypsum mine, limestone quarry and Fe-Mn ore. The iron ore reserves reach more than 6000 tons, and the limestone reserves arrive at more than 600 million tons. There are batched transport trolleys stream into the mine, showing a thriving prospect. The Group waits for chance, manufactures competitive products, and has good reputations in China with perfect products. The annual output value of ten mineral separation plants reaches more than RMB 400 millions. There are large volumes of coals under a thousand feet well. The reserves of five coal mines arrive at more than 400 million tons. The coal mines primarily manufacture high-quality hard coals and coking coals, and own average combustion value of over 5000 Kcal. The coal-washing plant deals with more than 100 tons of cleaned coal per year. With Economic Profits as center, Reform and Opening-up as motive, the Group in the business operation of “Green Development, Scientific Management”, and the spirit of “Scientific, Pragmatic” improves production, and makes great contribution for the development of national economy with saleable products in short supply.