Dengta 4th People’s Hospital

Dengta 4th People’s Hospital in is the strongest comprehensive medical institution in Huazi Area, also the designated hospital of life insurance, CPIC, urban worker medical insurance and new rural cooperative medical service. The hospital emphasizes construction of hardware and conditions, and improvement of medical technology, and invites many experts for many years, enhancing total scientific and technological level. In recent years, the hospital has put forward the development thinking of “Exterior Image, Interior Management”, and has been insisting on “People-oriented, Patient-focused”, trying to let patients “Spend Less Money, Treat Patients Well”, forming work pattern of administration, medical technology and logistics around clinic, and clinic around patients. The hospital takes full advantages of favorable conditions to serve patients better, adjusts promotion method and system of rewards and penalties, and effectively promotes social image. It takes “Quality-based, Talent-oriented, Technology-driven, Service-focused” as its tenet, patients as the center, high-tech talents as the power, advanced equipment as the support, and the lowest charging standard in the city as the policy, making great progress in many aspects. In 2006, the hospital built one hotel-style comprehensive hospitalization building to enhance comprehensive strength, and will become first-rate modern hospital of the whole region in hardware and software construction. We will make new contribution to medical care cause of Dengta region with more beautiful environment, advanced technology, advanced medical equipment, passionate service and low charging standard.

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