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I won the first Liaoyang Charity Award "the most donation Enterprise"

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2013/12/15 11:30
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December 12, 2013, Liaoyang Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau of Liaoyang City Charity Federation organized the "Liaoyang City 'charitable months' launch event and the first' Liaoyang Charity Award in recognition of the General Assembly '' in Liaoyang hotel.
To carry forward the spirit of charity, set up charitable typical further enhance the influence and appeal of public welfare, encourage community participation and support charities, thoroughly implement the party's 18 and Shiba Jie Third Plenary Session on "Supporting the development of philanthropy "the spirit of the city to develop philanthropy, the municipal government agreed, Liaoyang Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau, Liaoyang City Charity organized the first" Liaoyang Charity Awards ".
I won the first Liaoyang Charity Award "the most donation enterprises". Over the years, people have been practicing Jinchang contributing to society, serve the community spirit. The late chairman of the Group outstanding communist comrade Liu Zhengbin rich not forget this, spared no effort to return to the community, we have placed thousands of laid-off workers, provide employment opportunities for thousands of people on the surrounding countryside. Local bridges, roads, water, electricity and other public utilities to invest several million dollars, involved in poverty relief, donations to schools and other activities donated tens of millions.
Now, Comrade Liu Zhengbin founded Jinchang group, we still follow their old chairman's footsteps, trying to contribute their efforts to Liaoyang charity.
First Liaoyang Charity Award "the most donation enterprises"