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Secretary of the CPC Benxi County Committee Yu Qingwei and his delegation visited our group for condolences.

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2015/01/27 14:54
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On January 14, 2015, Yu Qingwei, the secretary of the CPC Benxi County Party Committee, and Zhang Chenggang, the deputy county magistrate, visited our group. Liu Zhiting, chairman of the group, attended the reception. Huang Zhonghe, party secretary of the group, Wang Zhihai and Li Guohong, deputy general managers, attended the reception.
Yu Shuji and his party
Jinchang Group participated in the reception leadership
Siye Iron Mine, a subsidiary of the group company, is located in Gaoguan Town, Benxi County. It has made great contributions to the economic development and employment of Benxi County in the past few years. In 2014, Siye Iron Mine was ranked first in Benxi County. At the reception, Secretary Yu Qingwei fully affirmed the contribution of Siye Iron Mine and raised hope and encouragement for the company's next development. Chairman Liu Zhiting thanked the Benxi County Party Committee and the county government for their support and concern for the Siye Iron Mine, and expressed that they must live up to the high hopes and strive to build the Siye Iron Mine into a modern mining enterprise that meets the requirements of the times and make more economic and social development in the county. Great contribution.
Yu Shuji and his party visited the "Honours Room" of our group.