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2015 cost reduction meeting

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2015/02/06 14:52
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On January 31, 2015, the Group held the 2015 cost reduction meeting for the second time. Chairman Liu Zhiting, deputy general managers, engineers, heads of subordinate units and ministers of the organization attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Huang Zhonghe. Hosted.
As for the current situation that the domestic iron fines market price continues to fall, the chairman of the group organized two meetings to reduce costs. At the meeting, the heads of the subordinate units made speeches. The mining and mineral processing miners gave an analysis of the production situation of their mining area in 2015. Most of the targets were to reduce production on the basis of the previous year. 10% of the cost. Deputy General Li Guohong, who is in charge of mining, and Vice President Wang Zhihai, who is in charge of the mineral processing, made a concluding speech on the mining area under their control. Based on the analysis of the status quo and characteristics of each mining area, it is also determined to lead everyone in 2015 to reduce the production costs of each unit to increase profits.
Liu Zhiting, the chairman of the group, made an important speech at the meeting. Facing the overall trend of the market, facing the status quo of the enterprise, if you want to increase profits, you must reduce the cost. This will be a long-term solution for production and survival. I hope that after the meeting, the responsible persons of all units can truly put the savings and costs down into the actual work.
Jinchang has been in the wind and rain for more than a dozen years. No matter whether it is performance or difficulty, it is all up and down, united to meet and challenge. I hope that in 2015, we will be able to create a new level with everyone's efforts.