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The company organizes employees to volunteer and strengthen team spirit

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2015/07/17 14:45
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On June 15, 2015, the group company held voluntary labor. Under the organization of the party secretary of the group company and the deputy general of the group, Huang Zhonghe, more than 70 cadres and employees of Li Zhongyan and Li Guohong completed the voluntary labor. .
The purpose of the group's voluntary labor is to enhance the team spirit of the company's employees, improve the mental outlook, enhance the sense of ownership and responsibility of employees, and enhance the communication and communication between employees. The labor was carried out in Zhaolin Mountain Villa, and some of the weeds in the village were removed and a new lawn was laid. It’s summer, the sun is hot, everyone is sweating, and even lesbians are not showing weakness. Under the leadership of General Huang, everyone was tempted until the afternoon at 2 o'clock in the afternoon. The whole event was a complete success, and the purpose was achieved. The employees improved their understanding, the spirit was good, and the feelings of the company were enhanced. Some of the labor photos are as follows: