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2017 New Year Tea Party

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2017/01/03 14:17
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On the first day of the reunification, Vientiane was updated. On December 31, 2016, Liaoning Jinchang Group held a New Year's Tea Party in the group headquarters.
The meeting was chaired by Huang Zhonghe, secretary of the party committee of the group, and deputy generals Li Guohong, Wang Zhihai, Li Zhongyan, chief engineers Bian Haitao, Cheng Xiqun, Zhang Jiaxiang and the heads of various departments participated.
First, the party secretary Huang Zhonghe delivered a speech:
On the occasion of the arrival of the Spring Festival, we will pay tribute to all levels of leaders who care about and support the development of Jinchang, friends from all walks of life and all employees of the group!
I wish you all good health in the new year! Career progress! Happy family!
The New Year Spring Tea Party will be cheerfully carried out in a warm atmosphere...
I wish all the staff of Jinchang Company a happy New Year and all the best. May the future of Jinchang Company be even better!
——Li Guohong, deputy general manager
Jinchang people are always with happiness - dedicated to 2013
——Wang Zhihai, deputy general manager
The sound of firecrackers is old, and the blessings are safe!
—— Chief Engineer Xu Zongshi
I wish all Jinchang employees and their families a happy New Year and wish Jinchang Company more brilliant in the new year!
—— Chief Engineer Bian Haitao
Work diligently, study hard, work hard, work together to create a beautiful Jinchang! I wish all Jinchang people and their families a healthy, happy and happy Year of the Snake!
—— Chief Engineer Cheng Xiqun
In the new year, I wish all the staff of Jinchang Group all the best, good health and financial resources! Jinchang Group is more brilliant!
—— Chief Engineer Zhang Jiaxiang
At the meeting, the leaders of various departments explained the departmental work plan for the new year, and the meeting ended in a cheerful atmosphere.