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Jinchang Group 5.4 Memorial

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2017/05/04 14:11
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To commemorate the 98th anniversary of the May Fourth Movement, on May 4th, Liaoning Jinchang Group carried out the May Fourth Mountaineering activities to promote the spirit of the May Fourth Movement and to ignite youthful vitality.
On the day of the event, more than 100 employees from the group headquarters and subordinate units gathered in the scenic Maershan Scenic Area to carry out activities.
The event kicked off with the speech of Huang Zhonghe, secretary of the party committee of the group. Huang Shuji delivered a warm speech before the team set off, which inspired morale and invigorated the spirit for the better development of the youth of the group. After that, under the leadership of the chairman of the group and the deputy generals of the group, all the youths of the group were divided into groups to carry out interesting directional treasure hunt competition activities according to the map guide of the on-site staff. During the event, everyone teamed up and cooperated with each other. spirit.
Finally, everyone ended the mountaineering with a relaxed and happy mood. Through this event, we will promote exchanges and communication with each other, learn from each other and promote each other in work and life, show the vitality and passion of young people, and at the same time stimulate the youthful enthusiasm of young members.