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Beihai Yingpan National-level Central Fishing Harbor

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  Beihai Yingpan Central Fishing Harbor Project with the approval of Ministry of Agriculture established and undertaken by Guangxi Beihai Shenglong Industry & Trade Co., Ltd., a subordinate unit of Liaoning Jinchang Mining Industry Group, and listed by Beihai City People’s Government as 2008 Agricultural Key Supportive Project.
  一、The Content and Scale of Project
   1、Waterway dredging, harbor basin deep digging, seawall construction, and fishery wharf expansion project. The general investment reaches RMB 56.81 million.
   2、Ice Making Performance and Aquatic Products Storage Processing Project. The project with an area of 80 mu plans to invest RMB 60 million in building ultra-low temperature refrigeration warehouses with daily ice output of 1000 tons and 3000 tons respectively, overall refrigerating capacity of 7000 kilowatts.
   3、Aquatic Products Trading Center Project covers a building area of 25,000 square meters, an area of 120 mu. The project plans to invest RMB 40 million in establishing living facilities including fishing gear, leisure and entertainment facilities, catering and hotels, etc.
   4、Oil Reservoir and Gas Station Project plans to build oil reservoirs and gas stations with 50,000 tons capacity, an area of 110 mu and planning investment of 50 million to provide refueling services for fishing boats. 
   5、Project of Fishing Boats Building and Repairing is expected to reach an annual ship building capability of 5000 tons/ (15 ship), and repairing capability of 30 ships, with an area of 200 mu and planning investment of RMB 320 million.
  二、The overall investment for the first-phrase project surpasses RMB 500 million, including the supporting fund of RMB 25 million by Ministry of Agriculture. The rest is funded by Guangxi Beihai Shenglong Industry & Trade Co., Ltd. The insufficient or excess expenditure will be solved by commercial bank lending or financing. The local governments will support the project in accordance to the preferential polices of attracting investment. Liaoning Jinchang Mining Industry Group entrusts Guangxi Beihai Shenglong Industry & Trade Co., Ltd., its subsidiary in Beihai, to manage the business independently, and assume sole responsibility for losses or profits. The Company will strengthen itself while benefit the local people.
  三、A few days ago, the Company played an active part in the preliminary work of China-ASEN Beihai Modern Fishing Port Economic Zone organized by Beihai Municipal Commission of Reform and Development, and Beihai National-level Seacology Modern Agricultural Technology Demonstrative Park organized by Beihai Bureau of Science & Technology. The project will bring great economic benefits after its completion. The total annual revenue is expected to reach RMB 640 million, including productive incomes of ice making plant, aquatic products processing factory and ship building plant, trade income, venue rental and relative service income. The annual tax revenue is expected to amount to RMB 40 million. The project will provide 2,000 working positions. Therefore, it is a project with good profits of economy, society and ecology. After its completion, the project will further expand domestic demands, promote the economic growth, and become a new economic growth point of Beihai Tieshan’gang District.